My not so perfect life

by Sophie Kinsella
Bantam Press
Ebook: 12€

(German title: Frag nicht nach Sonnenschein; Goldmann-Verlag)


Katie, who goes by the sassy nickname ‚Cat‘ in London, thinks she got the perfect job in a design company. Problem 1: she can’t get her boss Demeter to notice her in order to pitch her design ideas. Problem 2: cute designer Alex that Katie’s crushing on turns out to be Demeter’s lover. Problem 3: when finances are cut, Katie’s the first one to get sacked.

She returns to Somerset to her father and her stepmum’s farm and helps them to start a luxury camping site, pretending to be on a sabbatical instead of having lost her job. When Katie’s ex-boss Demeter shows up with her family as guests, Katie’s perfect chance for sweet revenge has come.


One of the things I really like about Sophie Kinsella’s characters is that you just have to like them from the start because they’re not perfect, they do mess up, and they mess up big time trying to hide things from their families or trying to gloss over things they messed up in their job or love life. Katie is no different: she has a tiny room, is forced to live in a disguisting flat with psycho flatmates, hates her commute and has to do meaningless, mind-numbing tasks in her job. Her aquaintance with Alex is a ray of light, but he turns out to be a disappointment as well. All these things are very relatable.

At the same time, Katie is charming, witty and critically reflects about lying to herself and her bad habit of lying on Instagram about her perfect, trendy London life and lying to her parents.

Both the absurdness of Katie’s life at the beginning as well as her revenge plan for Demeter drew me in and made me laugh, and I can proudly say that although I almost never get to read at the moment, I made time for this book and finished it in one week! Right now, that’s an absolute record for me (it took me almost 3 months to finish my last Kathy Reichs novel…) *cringe*

Considering how little I liked the last Shopaholic book  (by now, the series has become to repetitive for my taste), I didn’t have really high expectations; I was more looking for a feel-good-book that’s entertaining and makes me laugh a few times. I fully got that, and on top of this, I’d also say that „My Not So Perfect Life“ has the charm of Kinsella’s older books like „The Undomestic Goddess“ (German: Göttin in Gummistiefeln).

The only part of the book that I was a little disappointed by was the very end – not the solution of the story, but the very end. The decision Katie makes for her love life felt unsatisfactory to me.

All in all:




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