Thing of the day: Academy of American Poets

Hey guys and girls and gender-queer people,

I’m sooooo sorry for making you wait for another blog entry! Life’s been crazy since I started working as a teacher and though I would’ve had time to blog, I simply haven’t had enough time to actually read a book. I’ve been reading the same book for over a month now (I promise to blog about it! Just gimme another month…).

Yesterday I received Roald Dahl’s BFG, so that’s likely to be the next blog entry (while I neglect reading the book I’m already reading…).

Since I haven’t done a „Thing of the day“ entry in a while either, here’s one for you now:

I stumbled across this page while I was studying for my state exams, and it turned out to be really helpful. It’s a database of American poets, from the beginnings of American literary history until today. The page includes biographies, poems and essays about poets. This was both helpful while studying and useful now that I need stuff to teach in my literature classes because the have materials for teachers and a newsletter that sends you a new poem every single day, usually a brand new one from the 2010s. Another advantage is that you can access poems from contemporary authors who gave their permission to the site to use their poems thought they’re not copyright-free yet, and often there are audio files in which the authors read their poems or talk about how they wrote it.

That’s it for today; I hope you enjoy your weekends wherever you are on this lovely planet,


Her Majesty


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