Quickie: Lightning-Struck Heart

by TJ Klune who some of you may already know as an author of gay romance novels. And because I keep mentioning him.

[Imagine picture here bc/I’m too lazy to take a pic of the ebook cover…]


Sam is an apprentice wizard. He’s supposed to become Prince Justin’s wizard once Justin becomes king. When Justin is kidnapped by a dragon, Sam, his friends Gary the unicorn and Tiggy the giant as well as Justin’s fiancé, the immaculate, dashing and super-hot heart-throb, the knight Ryan, are sent on a rescue mission. The same knight Ryan that Sam has a huge crush on and wants to be his first. The same knight Ryan who is apparently Sam’s so-called cornerstone, the companion that every wizard is magically and romantically drawn to and cannot live without. And as if things weren’t complicated enough yet, evil wizards and religious fanatics lurk around every corner.


This book is highly addictive, funny as hell, absurd, makes you laugh-cry and pee your pants all smushed up together in a gay fantasy and romance novel. Sam often speaks without thinking too much about it and hilarity ensues, either because he’s managed to maneuver himself into epic embarrassment or mortal danger once more, or he’s literally talking a villain to death.

Gary the hornless unicorn is sparkly and has a big mouth and no manners at all. Him I found annoying at times, especially at the start of the book. In contrast, I liked Sam’s other sidekick, Tiggy the giant, a lot. He has a smashing-stuff problem similar to the Hulk but usually is a lot less angry. However, there’s one thing I don’t get: considering all the fuss Klune makes about how riding a unicorn would be racist, why ist the giant in Lightning-Struck Heart less articulate than all the other characters and fits right in with the clichée of the dumb giant? The only giant who doesn’t have a speech problem is the one in Marie Phillips‘ Table of Less Valued Knights that I reviewed a few weeks ago. In Harry Potter, Hagrid and Mme Maxime talk just fine, but Hagrid’s brother and the other giants don’t. In the Hobbit movies the same goes for the gigantic trolls and the stone giants just grunt and don’t even talk. Someone needs to look into the giant and troll and oger discrimination thing in fantasy books and films, I’d say. END OF RANT.

Just go read this book if you need a few good, hearty laughs and some romantic absurdness.

PS: First blog entry with my new tablet slash tablet-with-keyboard-thingy. Anyone else who finds having to get used to a new keyboard really distracting? Worst typo of all times so far: had one hand on the wrong keys (the keyboard is narrower than what I’m used to) and totally screwed up my own name when setting up the tablet… and then confused the return key and the enter key… only took me half an hour to correct my name and make my  own tablet call me the right name instead of wrzlkbrf….



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