Happy New Year!

DSC_0455 xx














I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing new year 2016! May all your wishes come true!

This is my favourite photo from those I took last night. I only had a very tiny time frame to shoot at all; people didn’t really start lighting their fireworks until 11.40-ish and around quarter to 12 the sky was already so foggy and smoggy and poluted that I couldn’t even see the neighbours‘ houses anymore.

On a side note, I finally received my state exam results. Yeah! And only 10 days after the deadline. I should add that I’m pretty happy with my grades 😀 Anyway, the next two weeks will be exciting since I’m going to find out where my first teaching job will be! Unless the ministry misses another deadline… All of you who thought German bureaucracy was fast and effective – ha ha, you fools! It’s a rumour and a very false stereotype.


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