Whens… the December edition

20151213_102150_001When the crafting supplies you ordered arrive just in time for a whole weekend of excessive crafting, glueing the shit out of die-cut paper pieces and messing up your room with sequins and glitter!

When you’re listening to approximately 14 hours of Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter while crafting. When your cards are Doctor Who-inspired though…When it’s Sunday morning and the sun is shining and reflecting from white roof tops.

When the first message you get in the morning is an adorable picture of your little nephew wolfing down pancakes.

When you’re watching Project Runway while knitting socks.

When you get the first 500-Euro banknote in your life. And when you don’t get to keep it because you’re the salesclerk, not the shop owner…

When you’re eating home-grown fruits that your parents brought you. And when you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re having deconstructed fruit salad… i.e. plain fruit because you’re to lazy to get up and walk 5m to the kitchen to actually make fruit salad.

When it’s Sunday after an 8-hour shift on Saturday and Monday is your day off. Enjoy going to work, suckers! Which is probably what you thought about me going to work on Saturday… Pfffff.

When your favourite brand of yoghurt is on sale. Restocking time!

When you re-discover why you love porridge with banana so much. So slimy! So good!

When you binge-watch Jessica Jones and can’t help but love David Tennant though he’s portraying a psychopath… But- but- he’s David Tennant!!! Loved him in every Shakespeare play I’ve seen him in, especially with Catherine Tate; loved him as the Doctor, especially with Catherine Tate (Doctor Donna!); loved him in Broadchurch.

When you try a new brand of peel-off base coat and it actually works. Peeling off purple holo glitter nail polish in one go instead of soaking your nails in acetone for hours really is satisfying on some very primal (ok, childish) level.

When you reach the long-awaited but somehow sad moment when you’ve purchased all Christmas gifts.

When you can only stand wrapping two Christmas gifts at a time because there are so much more interesting and satisfying things you can do with paper. Like crafting. And stamping your own, personalised wrapping paper. Wrapping is just the boring part. Yes, let’s go back to crafting. And card making. And even more Doctor Who-inspired Christmas cards. Because it’s another 12 days until the Doctor Who special on Christmas and you need to do something…


2 Gedanken zu „Whens… the December edition

  1. Hihi, die Karte wär was für Eva, die ist auch so ein Dr. Who-Fan. Ich hab ja auch selbstgebastelte Weihnachtskarten, hey! Aber die kann ich dir leider nicht schicken, weil… na ja… sie von dir sind. 😛

    Gefällt mir

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