Thing of the day: Card making

Hey hey, ladies and gents,

I know I promised a while ago that I’d share a few things about how to get cheap crafting supplies or how I take short cuts with stuff from home deco stores… but guess what happened: life. Didn’t get to it… Shame on me.

So here’s the very very short version of what I wanted to share: if you’re from Germany like me, you know a certain coffee shop chain that offers everything from gardening supplies to clothing. You know which one I’m talking about. Several times per year they have crafting and sewing supplies on sale, like card stock, washi tape, buttons, fabric tape, stamps, gel pens… Go get it! Well, get the things that you like cause some of the stuff is more aimed at kids than adults, like the stamps or glitter pens. But from my experience, the washi tape and card stock they have are good quality and are a lot cheaper than what you get in craft shops.

Aaaand on the subject of making do with what you already have at home, here’s a fun card making video from one of my favourite bloggers, Kristina Werner. I’ve been following her for almost two years now and her videos always are a huge inspiration, and if you’re new to crafting you can learn a lot from her about different techniques.

As you can see, card making doesn’t have to be complicated and you can get far with simple supplies like water colours or regular pencils that you probably still have somewhere in your house from your school days, or you can borrow from your kids. This particular card would be fun to make with your kids, or – hello, fellow teachers! – in class with a bunch of school kids before the Christmas holidays.


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