Thing of the day: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Hey hey, ladies and gents,

today I’ll dabble into the murky waters of the TV jungle, i.e. we’ll ignore all the murky stuff and focus on a hilarious new comedy series: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Rebecca is a – more or less – successful lawyer in New York but has come to hate her job and life in the big city. One day, her summer camp boyfriend from a very long time ago, Josh, crosses her path and she’s determined to get him back no matter what. So she just uproots her whole life and moves to the small town West Covina, CA where he lives now. With a girlfriend. And whileRebecca is working on this small problem, she finds new friends in her new colleague Paula and barkeeper Greg who’s got a crush on her and accidentally is Josh’s best friend.

There have only been four fourty-minute episodes so far, but I loved them from the beginning because the main character, Rebecca, deals with her chaotic life, her unsatisfactory job, her contradictory feelings, her ex she still has the hots for but who she can’t have…. in short, lots of stuff that makes her very relatable even though the series, of course, exaggerates everything. On on top of all THAT, there are singing numbers!!!! SHRIIIIEEK!!

Every now and then, Rebecca, wonderfully portrayed by Rachel Bloom,  and other characters break into a song, usually a parody of some music video or an iconic dance number from the black-and-white film era. For example, when she tries out Tinder and hooks up with a guy, her song is a persiflage on Beyonce/Rihanna videos with over-the-top costumes and the lyrics are along the line of „Hey sexy stranger, come back to my flat, and please don’t be a murderer“. Laugh-cry right there.

So if you love comedy and musicals – check it out!


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