Book review: Americana Fairy Tale


Today I have a book for you that my bestie told me about, and when she first mentioned it, I absolutely wanted to read it but then forgot about it because I couldn’t find the ebook anywhere, and then we talked about it three days ago, and I bought it and I finished it in two days! Ha! After this unnecessarily long introductory sentence, here you go:

Americana Fairy Tale
(Screw-up Princess and Skillful Huntsman Trilogy Book 1)
by Lex Chase
Kindle ebook 6,48€


Taylor Andrew Hatfield is a princess. A male princess. Not because he’s gay, but because in this fairy tale world princesses can be male, and princes can be female since they’re reincarnations of the original princes and princesses like Charming and Snow White. Shunned by his parents for being curseless (because every princess needs a curse…), and on top of that, for running away from his wedding, Taylor teams up with the hunky huntsman Corentin, not knowing that Corentin’s curse wipes his memory at the end of one week – a death blow for every blooming romance – and that the Witchking Idi plots to have Taylor killed by said huntsman in order to get his hands on Taylor’s younger brother Atticus…


Who doesn’t love fairy tales? And who doesn’t love spins on fairy tales?

Little ol‘ me absolutely loves modern takes on fairy tales, like the Once Upon A Time series, because growing up I always missed strong female characters in those stories, and even as a kid, I was pissed off that princesses couldn’t just kill the dragons that were guarding them on their own (for crying out loud, just give that woman her own sword!), or that the only strong women were the evil queens and witches that met horrible deaths by the hands of men. Demonizing half of the world’s population? Shame on you!

Acting out fairy tales on the playground, I never wanted to be a princess; instead I wanted to be Ursula the Sea Witch, and later, Captain Janeway. Because strong female characters rock! It’s sort of depressing that it’s been almost 25 years since then, and only recently Frozen’s Elsa got to be a strong independent queen who rules on her own…

But let’s get back to our Americana Fairy Tale. Queer fantasy novels? Yes please! If you don’t like ‚em, you either haven’t read the right one yet, or you’re a homophobic bastard and this might be the right moment for you to unfollow my blog. No loss here.

Taylor and Corentin’s fairy tale is a fun-to-read adventure with a male (!) witch as the main opponent, but we also find other typical fairy tale elements like fairy godmothers and godfathers and a giant bean stalk. But we also get the most American of all modern plot lines, a take on the road trip, while the guys travel from one American state to the next. Moreover, Lex Chase gives the romance novel a twist when Corentin’s curse threatens to wipe his memories of what has developed between princess and huntsman in the last seven days. And we get hot, smoldering sexy times. Let’s not forget that.

The only thing that I didn’t like were the many minor characters that popped up in the story, and in some cases didn’t really contribute to the plot development. I mean, why’d you introduce a character if they don’t do anything? But hey, we’ll overlook that because we were royally entertained. (Did she just switch to the pluralis majestatis? Yes, she did! And now she’s talking about herself in the third person…)

Sterne 4

Btw, the second part will be published on October 19!!! Who else is excited?!


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