Happy birthday… to meeee!!!

20150927_091443When I was a child I saw an episode of Alf in which he celebrates his birthday or invents a holiday to get gifts – I don’t really remember the plot but what I remember is that the fuzzy alien sang „Happy fapi to meee!“ and I believe that I got the idea of buying birthday gifts for yourself from this episode.

So once I started earning money (paper rounds… shudder…) I always bought a little something for my birthday and for Christmas. Because I’m worth it (that’s what commercials have taught me) and because as an atheist and a person who’s been socialized in a consumer society I can happily enjoy the biggest capitalist celebration of the year.

Obviously, the more I earned, the more I spent on myself. And over the years, I added other occasions to my gift plan, like passing an important exam, receiving a good grade, having handed in a 100-page thesis… Way back after the Abitur (the German secondary school finals that qualify you for university) I bought a silver watch that I still love and wear almost daily. With this exception, I kind of had a 50€ limit for my gifts and often didn’t even spent this amount, maybe just bought a new necklace or ear rings or an ebook.

Treating myself was an okay habit until this year when I went over board with four gifts worth approximately 200€. Now I know where the point is at which pangs of conscience start. Can I still justify that I love myself so much that it hurts my purse? Well, it doesn’t really hurt my purse because I spent so much time studying over the past few months that I saved a lot of money that I’d otherwise have spent while going out.

So what are the gifts from me to me? Crafting supplies!!! For the most part anyway. And yes, I’ll be making excuses like Bridget Jones taught me.

Some of the new Lawn Fawn stamps from their autumn and Christmas release – I would’ve bought those no matter what and I kind of tell myself that they were a gift for surviving the exams instead of birthday gifts…

A Cuttlebug – that’s a die-cutting and embossing machine that I’ve been dying to have for almost a year now. I’ve really spoiled myself with those.

A few Wild Roses stamps – they’re absolutely gorgeous and wonderful to colour in with aquarelle pencils or regular pencils. Because Christmas is coming up and I needed some Congrats-on-your-baby stuff anyway. It’s not my fault people are having babies. Let’s blame nature.

And last but not least, the nerdiest gift of them all: a silver necklace with a pendant that says: „After all this time?“ „Always“, said Snape. I mean, how could I NOT buy that?! I’ve been a Snape fan girl starting with book 1. I loved how moody and mysterious he was and always suspected that there had to be more to his behaviour than meets the eye. When they decided to do the movies and I found out that Alan Rickman (he’s brilliant and I adore him!) would be Snape, I screamed so loud that my mom came running up the stairs to check on me… I fell in love with Alan as Colonel Brandon in „Sense and Sensibility“ and have been a Rickman-addict ever since. I’ll just say that I had an unusual taste for an 11-year old girl…


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