Thing of the day: Sober morning dance party

I just saw the video below on Buzzfeed (check it out below!), but I’ve heard of morning dance parties before. Well, Germany definitely needs ‚em, so spread the word, people!Sober morning dance parties – what are they? The clues are in the name, duh! They’re dance parties, kinda like a rave with bodypainting, costume-y clothes, hoolah-hoops, crazy music. They’re early in the morning, five-ish to six-ish from what I’ve been told, so you can go to work afterwards. And there’s no alcohol because, obviously, if you start your day with alcohol a) you have a serious problem, and b) your boss won’t be impressed.

I absolutely love the idea of getting up a little earlier than usual (as a teacher you have to get up at six-ish anyway, so a little earlier won’t hurt), then instead of having coffee and drearily staring at your laptop you go to a dance party and have fun! You’ll turn up super-excited for work with a huge grin on your face – perfect start of the day!

I gotta check out if there’s something like that here in my town – or maybe I’ll do that for my birthday… which is on a Sunday… maybe a variation of the morning dance party that combines dancing and breakfast. Another great idea is to have an early morning dance party in school seven-fifteen-ish when kids arrive before class. Would love to try that out at my next school.


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