When… continued

When your flatmate „cooks“, i.e. smears canned tomato puree on frozen tortillas, then puts it in the oven until a burned smell wafts through the flat…

When you discover that your favourite drugstore now has store brand washi tapes. Her Majesty’s collection of washi tapes has passed the 100 mark…

When a friend tells you she’s having a baby and it totally makes your day.

When you make it home just in time before the storm breaks loose. So much win! And so much drier.

When it’s August and you’re looking forward to creating your new calendar for 2016. (This one’s actually less weird once you know that Her Majesty uses 18-month calenders that start in August…)

When you’ve been studying all day and still feel like you’ve accomplished nothing at all at 9pm.

When you’re catching up on Teen Wolf episodes and start wondering why there are so many naked guys running around. Not complaining, just saying.

When it’s barely past 10am and you decide that you’re done wearing a bra for the day because it’s already 30°C outside. Female empowerment! Hurray!

When your brain translates WWJD as „What would Janeway do“… a) Been watching too much Voyager. b) Female empowerment!


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