Thing of the day: Supreme Tweeter

I stumbled across this mini Youtube series on one of Game of Thrones pages I regularly visit/stalk/procrastinate on. „Supreme Tweeter“ is about a fictional version of Harry Lloyd who played Viserys in Game of Thrones, the evil blond hottie brother of Daenerys. Harry hasn’t been able to get a proper acting job since his character was killed off and now tries going on Twitter to become a celebrity again. His very first follower is a certain North Korean dictator and the unlikely ‚friendship‘ certainly gives Harry a boost…

It’s an absolutely hilarious comment on how we’re all  obsessed with social media, count followers instead of real-life friends, and try to impress people we’ve never met and never will. There are even special appearances by George R. R. Martin and Maisie Williams playing a rather bitchy version of herself.

And because I’m a merciful queen, I give you the link instead of sending you on a quest in the depth of the interwebs. Here you go, hearties:


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