Thing of the day: Celebrating random days

There are 365 in a year, most of the time, in 3 out of 4 years anyway. And every single day we’re supposed to celebrate something new, either fun like the International Turtle Day or the Talk-like-a-pirate Day, or something serious like breast cancer awareness or HIV… And don’t get me started on appreciation months for random causes…Today is full moon, as well as the International Rain Day (whatever that is good for besides pictures of David Tennant looking adorable with wet hair popping up on my Facebook). Outside the sun is shining… Just saying, you could’ve picked a better day for that one… Like yesterday when it was raining cats and dogs.

Moreover, today’s also the Say-something-nice Day in Germany and the Take-the-elevator day in the USA. No thanks. You people know Her Majesty won’t shut up even though she’s only got random stuff to say, and doesn’t think very highly of the saying that you should keep quiet when you don’t have something nice to say. Gossiping is so much more fun! And besides, a) I don’t have an elevator in the house, and b) taking three flights of stairs several times a day doesn’t kill you unless you’re transporting heavy furniture. Which I’m not doing today.

And now, have a potato!

686px-Potato_heart_mutation Picture: Lumbar~commonswiki @



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