When you switch on the radio and the perfect song is playing: Tenacious D, Tribute.

When you’re on the phone with your baby nephew and he starts kissing the phone. Adorbs!

When you’re eating cheddar cheese with mustard because it’s fucking delicious.

When you’re watching Countdown and get an eight-letter word in the first round and no-one on the panel got it. Her Majesty rules, muahaha.

When you try not to pee yourself from laughter because the flatmate you hate introduces you to her new boyfriend and he looks like a child she snatched from the nearest kindergarten…

When you’re watching Disney movies and secretly root for Scar and Djafar…

When you’re watching the Harry Potter movies and not-so-secretly root for Snape. Because… “Always.” And because Alan Rickman’s hot. #dealwithit

When you go grocery shopping in your ugliest top and pair of shorts because the usual customers at the nearest shop are alcoholics and other addicts and no-one gives a fuck.

When you’re spring cleaning in a dress and high-heels just because you can.

When you’re reading a book and want to live in its world instead of ever return to real life.

When your brain can’t think of a word and you come up with “baby owner” instead of “parent”…

When you’re watching “Queer as Folk” and start noticing Kafka quotes… even though you hate Kafka and not even Benedict Cumberbatch reading “Metamorphosis” can make you like it.

When you’re procrastinating instead of studying for you exams. Like… now.

When you’re using hashtags in spoken language. Because #dealwithit

When you give up cooking because it’s 34C outside and you just can’t be bothered anymore. Does intravenous ice-cream exist? And where can I sign up for it?

When you look at the Youtube channels you’ve subscribed to and start questioning why you have so many channels that do a capella covers of Disney songs…

When you re-discover how amazing Spock and McCoy MM fan fiction is. #naughty

When you wish you had an eidetic memory and could cheat your way through your exams. Spock’s or Sherlock’s brain, which one will it be?

When the part of the weekend you’re most looking forward to is watching the new Minions movie with your bestie. And a cold shower at night. Without her, because that would be weird.


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