Thing of the day: Thug Notes

Hi y’all,

I decided to start a new category on my blog, the „Thing of the day“. I’ll just randomly chuck things at you that I like but aren’t books, e.g. the Chaucer blog yesterday, or a movie I’ve seen, or some Youtube channel, or nail polish, or crafting supplies…

Speaking of which, check out this cute little clear stamp set: mice dressed up as a pilgrim couple! I’m not an American, I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving, but they’re still adorable as hell and I’m kind of thinking about getting them. I love the Lawn Fawn crafting stuff in general, so I’ll be blabbing on about it some time in the future again. Like, after my next haul.

But now let’s go back to what gave me the inspiration for the „Thing of the day“: „Thug Notes“!

It’s one of the Youtube playlists of Wisecrack, subtitled „Classic Literature. Original Gangster.“ That actually tells you all you need to know: a black guy dressed up as a thug summarizes and analyses classic works of literature, from Oedipus to Nineteen-Eighty Four, from The Hobbit to Pride and Prejudice. There are also a few videos on poems like Poe’s The Raven, and some on new stuff, modern classics, if you wanna call it that, like the Hunger Games.

The videos are fun and witty – and I have to admit that I’ve binge-watched quite a few of them while I had breakfast today. I mean, calling Dracula a „blood-sucking playa“ a) perfectly describes our favourite vampire, and b) is hilarious. The spin of reviewing books as a „thug“ shows that way too many books that are called classics were written by white men, for white men. But guess what, everyone else is entitled to have an opinion as well.

The analysis parts include the historical or sociological background of the plots or infos on the author, and I consider them an interesting starting point if you have to write an analysis yourself because the „thug“ mentions the same wft-moments I had when I read the books. Also, I’m quite sure I’ll use some of the videos for teaching English, both literature and cultural studies.

I’ll leave you with this video on Hemingway’s The Sun also Rises, a book I hate because of all the misogynistic crap Hemingway wrote in it. When I read it, I always have the impression that it’s the author talking, not just the main character…


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